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Kenya Safaris Guide

Kenya Safari Holidays and Tours

Several people today consider Kenya to be the ideal gateway to the continent of Africa. Kenya is a very fascinating country not only with a rich history but a great diversity of wildlife as well as a great range of tourist activities to enjoy here.

Taking a holiday in Kenya will guarantee you several things, however, most important of all are the breathtaking varying landscapes as well as the thriving wildlife. There isn’t any country in the world that can match in comparison to Kenya’s abundance of the big game.
in addition, visiting Kenya offers you an opportunity to explore a number of the most isolated beautiful beaches as well as Coral Reefs found on the Kenyan Coast. The stunning snow capped huge mountains, the hot deserts which are home to the joyful nomads who live rather a primitive life, are all here for you to enjoy.

Below are some of Kenya’s finest attractions which certainly will fascinate you on your visit to this country.

Masai Mara National Reserve – this Masai Mara is among the most renowned wildlife sanctuaries on the planet. the park is ranked among the greatest all-natural wonders of the world because it host the  great annual wildebeest migration that includes close to two million  wildebeests on a long journey in search for water and pasture  as they march through between the vast Serengeti plains in Tanzania and Kenya’s Masai Mara. At Masai Mara, there are quite a number of accommodation facilities, Kenya lodge safaris are offered by many travel agents.

Amboseli National Park – Amboseli hosts a great number of elephants which are estimated to about 1,600 in number. These huge fascinating creatures gently glide through this park with a spectacular background of Mountain Kilimanjaro – the highest mountain in the world which actually can be well spotted from this park. It is such a breath taking view.

Lake Nakuru – this is habitat to more than one million flamingoes that are commonly seen around the lake shores feeding on the algae that thrives there. Lake Nakuru National Park is as well habitat to one of the biggest world population of black & white rhinos. These are which are very rare to spot in the wild as well as in the more renowned wildlife parks.

Tsavo National Parks:

Tsavo is among the largest parks in Kenya and it is divided into two; Tsavo west and Tsavo east. Tsavo National Park is an excellent destination for trekkers to spot the various habitats which include the open plains, riverine vegetation, mountainous forests, rocky ridges and palm thickets.

Nairobi National Park: This is an exceptional destination for people who desire to spot four of Africa’s renowned  “Big 5? without traveling very far from Kenya capital. There aren’t any elephants within this park however its closeness to the capital city serves well for not only those tourists who don’t wish to travel far but also for people visiting the city for corporate or business purposes. So many Tour operators in Kenya are based close to this park, which can give you a great opportunity to visit this destination.
Museums: Kenya prides in a number of Museums which well portray its rich culture and history. Some of the prominent museums in the country are highlighted below.
– Nairobi National Museum that displays a number of fascinating archeological exhibits like  those of  Mary together with her husband Louis Leakey that affirmed Kenya a title of being “the cradle of humankind”
– Karen Blixen Museum that was previously the residence of a Danish author – Karen Blixen, who wrote the  top selling ‘Out of Africa’ novel.
– Fort Jesus that was constructed in the 16th century and was the battleground for a number of horrific battles between the Omani Arabs  and the Portuguese
– Kisumu Museum which exhibits distinguished displays such as a Luo homestead, hissing snakes, traditional artifacts made by the Luo people and crocodiles.

Kenya Travel

From car hire to arranging your hotel or lodge, or even just travel safari insurance, Kenya is one of the best African safari destinations which has developed its tourism infrastructure to match the growing needs of the modern tourist. Exciting activities such as the Balloon safari have been introduced over time.

Among the other adventure activities that can be enjoyed in this country are:

Thrilling water sports

Kenya prides in a number of wonderful beaches, and its stunning coasts are best experienced when taking a boat ride.  Within its freshwater lakes found in the Rift Valley, visitors can enjoy all types of water sports among which are water skiing and wind surfing ideal for family safari holidays in Kenya.

Horseback riding

Horses are as well very popular within Kenya. Actually, there are some horse-riding communities in the town. The tourists are allowed to explore these places on horseback. Exploring a place when on horseback offers the sensation of a true “safari”. Just imagine the excitement of horse riding through the numerous herds out there in the wilderness! It is such a thrilling experience, some tourists have considered it as a great add on for the honeymoon safari or romantic getaways in Kenya.

White water rafting

This is among the finest activities which make a holiday in Kenya very adventurous. Even though rafting plus kayaking are rather new in this country, they offer true excitement and enjoyment.

Mountain biking

You will find a number of unexplored places within Kenya; therefore an off-road adventure on a mountain bike will enable you to reach as well as better explore these unfamiliar areas.

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